Monday, January 18, 2010



The lack of blog posts has been due to my extreme focus on the upcoming events in my life (No, I have not been re-watching all five seasons of LOST to get prepared for the final season - not a bad idea though).

The GIANT news I have promised for quite some time has finally come to fruition, but you'll have to wait to know what it encompasses....

What a jerk I am!

No really though, I should be able to discuss it later this week. Hopefully you will enjoy and follow along for the ride!

Actually, you will be forced to.

I will announce said "news: on this here blog, Twitter, and Facebook. So if you care that much, you wont miss it!

On a side note, the picture has nothing to with the aforementioned news. BUT, if anyone can name the manager (the smaller of the two), I will send you a Steve-Is-Alive coffee mug. Valued at $4.25.

Boy am I excited!

Bob Costas can relate ......


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