Tuesday, October 20, 2009

They Say It's Your Birthday

I turned 27 today. Ah booooooooooooooooo.

Old Balls Magee is not getting any casting calls to be in the next Hannah Montana movie. Damnit.

It really hits you when you are too old to be on the Real World. I am bit depressed today......I envisioned a future of myself battling Brad in a spelling challenge on The Gauntlet 8.

My birthday is the least important thing about today. Today is also the birthday of one Mr. Snoop Doggy Dog.

No introduction needed.

"Need to get a jobby job!!" Haha!

Here is one of my favorite Snoop moments of all time.

The Man Show was ahead of it's time. That show should have won multiple awards.

Anyways, if anyone knows Snoop personally let him know I said "Happy Birthday" and a Braband - Broadus Birthday Bonanza, needs to happen.

Have a 40oz in our honor.

Go Snoop!


Grumpy said...

What ever happened to Adam Corolla?

Steve Braband said...

He does a podcast. It is actually very very very funny. I am a regular listener!



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