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Athlete Spotlight: Bip Roberts

A quick note: "Athlete Spotlight" is my cure from all the A-Rod, Manny, Mike Vick, and of course, Brett Favre blabber. It seems like that is ALL the sports media/any schmuck on TV, talks about. This will be a breathe of fresh air for sports fans. Granted, most of these guys will be way past their prime or never had a prime at all. Who cares? Let's have some fun. Sports are supposed to be fun, right? Sports are not supposed to be about steroids, txt msgs, wrangler jeans, orange faces, or dog fighting assbags. Enjoy it.

Leon Joseph "Bip" Roberts

Career Stats:
Batting Average - .294
Hits - 1,220
Stolen Bases - 264
Teams - Padres (1986-1991), Reds (92-93), Padres (94-94), Royals (96-97), Indians (97), Tigers (98), Athletics (98)


  • Roberts had breakout seasons in 1989, hitting .301 with 21 steals and 81 runs in just 329 at bats. He proved to be versatile, playing all outfield positions, shortstop, second, and third.
  • In 1992, Roberts was selected as a National League All-Star, going 2-for-2 with two RBIs. Bip was also named the Reds team MVP, and was 8th in voting for the NL MVP. stealing 44 bases, and hitting .323. He also tied an NL record in 1992 with ten consecutive base hits.

  • In 1990, Roberts ranked in the top 10 in the NL in Doubles (36), Steals (46), and Runs (104).

All of the above highlights were ripped straight from Bip's Wikipedia page. Lazy party!

Unknown facts(?):

  • Bip Roberts once told Padres teammate, Gary Sheffield, that Shef would grow up to be an enormous douchebag.
  • When asked for his autograph, Bip Roberts gave a seven year old kid the keys to his Ford Mustang. That was Bip....
  • Bip suggested "Interleague Play."
  • Bip created a "Reds Hockey Sweater" night.
  • He hit .389 during night games in which a clean shaving, left handed pitcher from North Dakota, was starting wearing the number 25, and had a Domino's deep dish extra cheese pizza (or as Bip called it, "Pizza Pot Pie") before the game.
  • Instead of a batting stance for Bip's Starting Lineup, "The Kenner Toy Company" told Bip to pose like Cindy Crawford.
Why choose Bip for the first athlete spotlight? Why choose the man who played for 6 different teams in the 90's, twice with the Padres?!?

To be honest, I don't know why, but you gotta love the name. Maybe because he was originally taken by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1st round of the MLB draft as a supplemental pick in 1982!?!? He would have been a hell of a lot better than Warren Morris, Carlos Garcia, and Kevin Polkavich(SS).

You know, you would be guaranteed a Bip Roberts card in each pack of Topps baseball cards you opened as a child. He could play right now. No doubt.

Bip is currently with Comcast SportsNet Bay Area for his third season as co-host for the San Francisco Giants pre-game telecasts. Not bad - getting a job with a team you had zero association with during your playing days.

He is also currently involved in a program called Students Rising Above Foundation, which helps low income, at-risk Bay Area kids get out of trouble and become better citizens. Good dude. He also coaches a local high school team and led them to the title game in his first year.
That's an athlete you look up to.

Kids, get yourself some Bip Roberts gear.

Thoughts? Criticism? Ideas for the next (the most obscure wins a prize)?

As always - Feedback is necessary.

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Dan said...

Bip was my favorite player growing up in Cincinnati and still is. I wrote him when I was little and he sent me an autographed topps gold card on opening day 1993. He also went 1-for-3 that day, stealing a base and scoring the winning run. Bip is the reason I wear number 10. This blog


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