Friday, May 15, 2009

Apparently it is Pens vs Whalers?!?!!?!!

Up here in the greater Hartford area, you can't mention the Hurricanes without discussing the Hartford Whalers.

The Whalers are to Hartford as Crystal Pepsi is to convenience store pop machines. They were awesome when they were there, but they no longer exist.

They are also both great nostalgic 90's references for shitty bloggers to make shitty jokes about.

It is quite sad actually. Everyone I come into contact with in discussion about the NHL Eastern Conference Finals is saying "Should be playing the Whalers" or "Don't let them get to the cup again, I can't handle seeing what should be the Whalers, raise the cup again"

I respond with: 1. I have nothing to do with this series, I will cheer for my team, but I physically can't score goals for the Penguins.

2. The Hurricanes have been around for 12 years now. Get over it.

The Whalers colors just scream, 1986.

Some think they are still relevant and cool. Some think they are actually coming back. AND some still run a Internet hockey club. (Sorry Kataja)

Whatever, the Whalers are now the Hurricanes - the Pens are playing the Hurricanes - that is what is important.

This is my ECF preview by the way, it sucks goats that I have to tell you that.

Here are my series predictions and thoughts:

1. Cam Ward will single handily win a game for the Canes
- Could be the hottest goalie in the playoffs. The Canes will win a game because of Wards dominance.

2. Malkin picks up where Crosby left off.
- Geno scores 5 goals in this series. Including 2 tonight, in Game 1

3.Dumb penalties will cost the Canes.
- There is a history between the Canes, Erik Cole and the Pens, Brooks Orpik. I don't want to go into detail because my dog is eating a wire hanger, and I have to stop that, it. Orpik broke Cole's neck in '06. Canes think it was a cheap shot and they are out for revenge. Bring it dude. Here is the video -

Orpik got suspended and fined. Apparently I did go into detail........./dog ate the hanger.

Pensblog has more.

4. Craig Adams will score a big goal.
- The dude has slowly become one of my favorite Penguins to watch on the ice.

5. Pens in six.
- Called it. Bring it home boys.

I will be back with more throughout the playoffs. I am pumped for what is going to be a hell of a series. Good goal tending will be aplenty, starting tonight.

What is a Whaler anyways? Do they kill Whales? Isn't that highly illegal?

Hurricanes are lame tornado's with water. Weak sauce.

Lets Go Pens!





theoneandonlycob said...

Yeah, but wearing a Crystal Pepsi trucker hat doesn't get you free drinks at a Hartford bar.

Kataja has gotten songs dedicated to him when he wears his Whalers track jacket at Murphy and Scarletti's.

So it's sliiiightly better than Crystal Pepsi.

Patrick said...

I can't blame the yocals that surround us up here for holding on to the one professional sports team they've ever had (oh shit, I forgot about the Connecticut Sun!). However, you're right. My favorite part of the whole situation is that as a whole, Hartford can't decide how they feel about the 'Canes. Some people affectionately refer to them as the Whalercanes (dumb), and others despise them. So to those people, I say Let's Go Pens? Why not jump on the bandwagon right now...let's get the sporting goods stores on board as well. I'd love to be able to buy a Pens t-shirt or hat around here. Make it happen people.

Dr. Nico Martini said...

Not that I care... But you're honestly making fun of the team named the Hurricanes, and you cheer for the fiercest of all waddling southern hemisphere sea, no, air? life- the PENGUINS?

Dude... Seriously?

Penn State has a more intimidating team name, and I don't have a clue what a 'nittny' is... You shouldn't let things you drunkenly yell in sport bars affect good writing... I'm just saying...

Steve Braband said...

the one and only - Still. That happens in Hartford. Try sporting that in South Dakota and people will think you are making fun of their women.

Pat - A Pittburgh sports shop would thrive in Hartford. Considering we run this joint!

Nico - touche. All valid points.

If you root for the Stars does that mean we can compare your team to Paris Hilton?

Also, I don't know if anyone has ever survived a Penguin attack. Their beaks wreck lives.

Kataja said...

Here's the thing that hurts hockey fans in Hartford. If the Whalers ever did anything close to what the spoiled fans in Carolina have seen in a short period of time they would have never left. After the 1986-87 season the Whalers had a parade for winning a playoff series! That year they beat Quebec (back then first round was best of 5) then went to game 7 double OT against the Canadiens and lost to Claude Lemieux (his rookie year) with a backhand over Mike Liuts shoulder. And the greatest thing about that Whaler parade that year is more people showed up than when Carolina had their rally after they won the cup. If the Whalers win that game back in 1987 they are probably winning the cup or getting to the finals..couple that with awful trades (cough cough RON FRANCIS) and Hartford never had a fair chance. Give Carolina only 3 seasons out of 21 with over 500 hockey and see how they survive. Just isn't fair..

LEGAME58 said...

What were you back then.. like 4-5 years old?!
Were you setting couches on fire in the streets and hanging from lightpoles?! That's what I thought..
But alas, you do make valid points and you do have a sweet Whalers jacket.. so atleast you have that going for you.

Kataja said...

What does my age at the time have to do with the facts? My parents were big fans back then and I had my Mike Luit age at the time has nothing to do with it. It's not like I am saying I remember that parade like it was yesterday or that I was there or anything.


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