Monday, April 13, 2009

An unusual situation


If you are follower of this blog, you are awesome. You also know that my girlfriend and regular contributor, Ashley, is a die hard Philadelphia sports fan. So.....we have a situation on our hands come Wednesday as the Pittsburgh Penguins battle the Philadelphia Flyers in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Let's get to business right away.

First off, Ashley and I will be writing a combined full page post (to be posted on Wed, the night of Game 1) listing 5 reasons why we think "our" team will win.

Blah Blah Blah, boring old bloggo stuff, right?!?

Secondly, and most importantly.......

We need your help. Last year, we just watched the series, got pissed at each other, and went home. This year, I want to make things interesting. We need some sort of bet. And as you know, my creativity spans no farther than horribly timed puns and fart jokes.

So here I am, just a boy, standing in front of a reader, asking them to me..... wait, what? Did I just quote, Notting Hill. Man card revoked. Pick up truck replaced with PT Cruiser. Chocolate lab replaced with Poodle.

No really, I am asking yinz guys to come up with some sort of bet for Ashley and I to make for the first round. Toss it in the comment section. "That's what she said."

Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh. Flyers vs. Pens. Ashley vs Steve.

Anything you want. We will do it. Keep it family friendly you sick boogers.

We will vote on the best and announce it on our Wednesday post.

If there are zero comments or suggestions, we will just make fun of your favorite team. Suck it.

Lets Go Pens!!

Cool Penguins Playoff stuff for dat ass:

- Penguins Beard-A-Thon. Probably the best idea of all time.

- Second best idea of all time. Pensblog creates a NHL playoff bracket and raises money for the Mario Lemieux Foundation at the same time. Great Success!!

- Hockeybuzz series preview.

- ESPN series preview. Includes the coolest Pens picture I have ever seen.


Tyler said...

dude, did you really reference the movie Notting Hill? you are giving us Pens fan a bad name, cmon balls, youre better than that. why couldnt you quote all the right moves or deer hunter..or even sudden death or Striking distance. i think i just named all the movies that were made around here. Gung Ho.

subligity said...

If the Pens win she has to admit that Philadelphia is the worst city in the world. If the Pens lose she gets to live in denial about her city not being a heaping pile of hot garbage.

tecmo said...

When Pittsburgh wins, she has to eat a Primanti's sandwich, but with two more Primanti's sandwiches replacing the two slices of Italian bread.

The Flyers aren't winning, so I didn't bother to come up with a hypothetical for that situation.

Nathan said...

If the Pens win, Ashley has to continue dating the biggest shlub I ever met in my life. If the Flyers win, well... don't give a shit what happens at that point. Go Pens!

neena said...

I like Tecmo's Primanti's suggestion (take a picture for which could be reversed with a Philly Cheesesteak in the unlikely even of a Pens loss, but we all know that's not worth our consideration. I think that said giant sandwich should be eaten while wearing head-to-toe Pittsburgh gear.

Also, Notting Hill? Really? Let's pretend the Flyers-fan-gf wrote that, okay?

Jaws said...

if the pens win, ashley has to watch every penguins game for the remainder of the year while wearing a penguins jersey - whether you're present or not, and this includes in public.

if the pens lose, you're the dope wearing a flyers jersey under the same rules.

hosssa said...

eating a primanti sandwich x2 sounds like that is a victory meal. make her wear a pens jersey to a Phillies game.

LEGAME58 said...

loser has to grow a beard..

my money's on ashley.. she can probably grow a better beard anyway..

GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!


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