Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Hey Orange Balls" Tourney Time!

Let's file this one under "Just a little to late."

The PGA's Accenture Match Play tournament is currently in progress. I wanted to write this last night but, the new puppy kept pissin on the carpet.

March will begin Sunday, the day this tournament wraps up. If you are too ansy in your pantsy for some bracketology, tune in to some golf this week.

Let me explain.

The Accenture Match Play Tournament takes the best 64 golfers in the world and ranks them EXACTLY like the NCAA tourney. They go head to head, Wednesday through Sunday, to determine the champion. A lot more quicker and condensed than the NCAA.

The golfers may play 10 holes. They may play 20. The scoring is hole by hole. You shoot a +1 but your opponent shots E, you lose, he wins the hole. Play continues until the golfer trailing can no longer make up the score. If you have won 10 of the first 10 holes - you win the match. Ballgame.

The reason why I am promoting this event is because it is actually very entertaining. If I were on top of my shit, I would have wrote this yesterday or Monday and told you to get some buddies together, print out some brackets and organize a pool. (/not promoting gambling of any sort - maybe?).

When else in your life can you root for KJ Choi?

Yeah golf is considered a "secondary" sport amongst dudes my age but, it is kind of fun to watch. Does this mean I am officially old? Am I going to have back problems now? If you don't like watching the slow play and soft mannerisms, watch the people watching golf. It is pretty fun if you start to stereotype and people watch. Classic businessman polo tucked into khaki shorts. Name is probably Brent or Tristan. Plays racquetball on the weekends. Drinks dry martini's. Has the Accenture Match Play visor on. Arms crossed. Focused stare. Definitely was "THAT GUY" and yelled "GET IN THE HOLE", off the tee.

See. Fun times!

Yeah, Tiger is making his comeback, blah, blah, blaaah. That is all great and what not but what about the first round match up of Geoff Ogilvy vs Keifer Sutherland (not real first name)!?!

You can seriously get to know some really good golfers (other) than Tiger in this tourney.

Steve Stricker

Justin Rose

Ian Poulter(geist)

Ben Curtis

All these guys will now lose because they were mentioned in this blog.

The only thing missing from the tourney is, this guy.

Go Golf!

Accenture Match Play

ESPN Leaderboard


2:00ish I dunno I was at lunch - KJ Choi lost his first round match against Owen Wilson. Of course......

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