Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Night Return

I need to get back to this old school blog of mine (see my last 2938279 failed attempts). It feels like that crappy hooded sweatshirt that you can't seem to donate to Salvation Army (because it has your HS Football number on it - not speaking from experience or anything), but fits 0h-so-right.

So to start things back up, we're picking a Monday Night Football winner in what is shaping up to me the most talked about MNF event in awhile.

Vikings 22 Jets 9

There you go. Take that for what it is worth and be ready for this "page" to be dominating the Internet every night.

We're starting slow, kids. I need a minute to read up on how the blogosphere changed since I took my leave of absence.

(oh ... you make stuff up and pretend it's real news ... OK ... got it)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Come Back

Entering the ring, to this jam.

Stay tuned.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Hi, Didn't See You There

Yeah I remember this spot.

Un-organized. Non-sensical. Pro-Steelers. Pro-Sour Patch Kids.

Good joint.

Totally felt nostalgic today and wanted to do work back on this Hammsterdam (besides running around Bristol look a goober, I've dove headfirst into The Wire. Awesome) of a blog. I miss this little guy. Great times we're had over the two years this blog ran rampant around the internets.

While I've been writing and creating videos for and the ESPN Facebook page, I wanted to re-launch/update this spot. So, hopefully, time permitting (moving again) I can update this nightly/every other day with some of my videos from and ESPN. As well as my opinions on everything Pittsburgh. Fun, fun, fun.

Here is one of my favorite moments so far, as I have returned to the camera -

Monday, March 1, 2010

Wow ... I Finally Pay Homage To This Here Blog

I have completely neglected this blog.

I apologize greatly.

I would not be where I am today without this goofy little piece of work I called my blog for the better half of two years.

... I've been a busy man lately.

I never updated what my "GIANT NEWS" was and for that ... I am sorry.

But, if you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or are a close personal friend you know whats up.

And if not, watch me fall on my tush, attempting to Curl (ESPN video won't embed on blogspot, so click the link, goobers).

There are still some minor details to arhn out (cross our T's and dot our ... lower case J's?!?) but, I should be able to let you all know that my pie faced mug will be gracing the pages of from here on out.

The main goal will be to bring the fan inside ESPN and talk with athletes, anchors, and anyone else who patrols the halls of Bristol. Also, we'll run around and make goofy videos, like this one.

Keep going to - my life and free will depends on it.

And as always, the best Steelers blog on the World Wide Web, where I should hopefully be able to continue my mediocre contribution.


Wow. The bad jokes never end on this page ...

More to come.

Stay classy, friends.

Monday, January 18, 2010



The lack of blog posts has been due to my extreme focus on the upcoming events in my life (No, I have not been re-watching all five seasons of LOST to get prepared for the final season - not a bad idea though).

The GIANT news I have promised for quite some time has finally come to fruition, but you'll have to wait to know what it encompasses....

What a jerk I am!

No really though, I should be able to discuss it later this week. Hopefully you will enjoy and follow along for the ride!

Actually, you will be forced to.

I will announce said "news: on this here blog, Twitter, and Facebook. So if you care that much, you wont miss it!

On a side note, the picture has nothing to with the aforementioned news. BUT, if anyone can name the manager (the smaller of the two), I will send you a Steve-Is-Alive coffee mug. Valued at $4.25.

Boy am I excited!

Bob Costas can relate ......

Friday, January 8, 2010

By The Way....

I made it back alive and well from Vegas.

My wallet however, did not. Damn you, Roulette.

BUT, I did get some excellent video footage of the World Series of Beer Pong. Yes, the World Series of Beer Pong. Stay tuned for that madness...

Oh, and the Steelers failed to make the playoffs (you know this unless you're on of my seven readers in the North Pole). I'll talk about that later when I feel it is OK to cry on my keyboard.

In the meantime, the off season firings and rumors have should be attending daily therapy sessions at One For The Other Thumb.

"Hi my name, is Steve and my favorite football team lost to the Browns in 2009."

"Hi Steve!"

We're all friends over there .

Hey 2010, bring it.

More to come, people. Hopefully we'll have some REALLY good news in the days to come....


The Return Of The Greatest

If you don't know, now you know (link).

The greatest video game of all time is making it's return to the "Wii" variety of Nintendo gaming systems. NBA JAM is back, baby!!!!

"Heeeeeeeeeeeee's heating up!!"

"Heeeeeee's on FIRE!!!"


Without NBA JAM, these phrases would not be part of our everyday lives. How else would I be able to display my excitement at the grocery store? "Buy one, get one on Tostitos Queso!?!? BOOOOOM Shaka Laka!!!"

If you never played NBA Jam for SuperNES, I want you to discontinue your subscription of Steve-Is-Alive. Seriously, you can keep your $97.95.

Side note: You can credit Clifford The Big Red Dog, wiffleball, Highlights Magazine, and NBA Jam for shaping me into the mature grown man I am today.

The re-release of NBA Jam has got me all gitty inside and has made me start to budget my coins for a Wii system. And yes, this is exactly what the geniuses at Nintendo want to hear. Bringing back such games as Tyson's Punch Out, Super Mario, and now, NBA Jam will only bring super nerds who had no friends in the 90's (like myself), back to the Nintendo world. I acknowledge this and will abide by Nintendo's wishes just like the drooling troll that I am. As soon as the piggy bank is to Best Buy, I go.

And let the record show, even with updated rosters of today's players like LeBron, Kobe, and Dwyane team, and I mean NO TEAM will be better than the original Houston Rockets squad of Hakeem Olajuwon and Vernon Maxwell. What do I base that on, you ask?!? How about my ten year dominance over my brother Eric and any and all challengers..... with only THAT Houston Rockets team.

Olajuwon would work the post on offense and defense - no shot would get past him. V.Max would set up in the corners and drain three's in your face. It's a winning combination that can't be beat. It's science really.

If there is a way to have The Dream and Maxwell face LeBron and Shaq (or Kobe and Gasol), I'll put money on a Houston Rockets victory. Mark it down.

So, when this game graces video game stores with its presence, be sure to give me a call, order some pizza and come on over - the door will be open. We got ourselves a daily activity that will make our girlfriends seek new prospects!

I'm so excited, I want to break something.......

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Listen To Wesley Snipes.....

As if I haven't broadcasted it enough, I am headed to Las Vegas tomorrow night.

Never been. Don't know what to expect. Headed with seven good buddies. Packed a suit. Here we go.....

Numerous individuals have given me advice, and recommendations for my preparation heading into Sin City. While all have been great and I will follow most, none have inspired me more than the words of Wesley Snipes in the cinematic classic, Passenger 57 -

Want to know an awesome fact? - I wore #57 in high school football, because of this movie.

I also plan on being firmly planted in a sports book on New Years Day? Any game wagers I should be looking at?

Oh, and....

This will prob be my last post before I return on Jan 4th. So, Happy New Year!

But, more importantly......


Also, Go Bengals (ick) Go Patriots (barf barf barf barf barf) and Go Raiders (double ick). Not being able to "control your own destiny," sucks. But, that's what happens when you lose to the Browns......

Keep the Faith!

Picture, videos, and blogs to follow - post Vegas. Did I mention I will be attending the World Series Of Beer Pong? Boom. Stay Tuned.


In no way, shape, or form is this blog associated with ESPN or any ESPN properties. This blog is simply just a guy writing about his love for sports. Please be aware of this.